The growth method

The growth method

The GROWTH method underpins everything we do to help our clients succeed. 

Step 1

They say you should start with the end in mind. Different goals come with a different set of challenges and decisions that need to be made. For example, if your exit plan is to sell, you would structure and do things differently to if you just wanted to make a load of money and go on holiday to the Maldives every year. 

We can't provide our signature value to you until we know what you want to achieve and when.

Step 2
Revenue & Expenses

Once we know where you're going, we need to know where you are now and what the gap looks like. Questions that need to be answered include: Are you making money? Which products or services are profitable? Who are your best customers and suppliers? Where are the cash leaks in the business that need to be plugged? What are your biggest risks?

Step 3

The systems, processes and controls in your business are often the difference between happy staff and a happy you. Are you running efficiently and effectively through different areas of the organisation? Can you get the correct data and information you need, when you need it, where you need it? If you wanted to sell the business and step out of it tomorrow, or take a month off and travel the world, could you? If not, chances are there are some changes that need to be made. 

Step 4

The wealth of your business will directly effect the wealth of you. Many business owners think that to make more money they just need to sell more. However, if you're not making money as it is, all that happens are the numbers get bigger and, ergo, the problem gets bigger. 

Our goal is to make you more money, and we're very good at it... simple as that.

Step 5

Virtually all business owners go into business for more freedom in one way or another... they want more holidays, more time with their families, more money to spend on things, more time to play golf etc etc. They don't want to be working all the time for the rest of their lives. 

However, actually taking the plunge can be pretty eye opening! Suddenly the security of employment has gone and you need to get the cash coming in. So you just work all the time. Then you grow, take on staff and more work, and without steps 2 and 3 nailed, you just work even more. We've all been there. It's not good and all that happens is you get pulled from pillar to post, at work and at home, and you just end up exhausted. 

We don't want that for you. We can help you stop it. 

Step 6

All of the previous steps are wrapped up to make your life better. A happy you means happy relationships, happy staff, happy customers and happy families.

Unfortunately it is lonely at the top, and there is often no one to talk to, or bounce ideas off, who will give you an honest opinion. We often end up helping our clients with lots of issues that aren't always strictly financial or in some cases even business related, because generally we've seen it and probably had to fix it in a previous life, or even if they just need an ear at the end of the phone.

This is a partnership, and we take the "partner" bit very seriously, to the point where we end up being the Cornerstone that our clients rely on above all else.