virtual management accountant

The “Sleep At Night” service.

In a corporate business, you have a finance team. 

The Finance Team will consist of one or multiple ‘bookkeepers’, who take care of the data entry and transactional side of the business, making sure everything goes in the correct boxes so that the rest of the organisation can use the data to make the right decisions at the right time. 

Then there will be a Management Accountant/ Finance Manager, who will oversee the bookkeepers, interpret and analyse that data to provide insights, and make sure the people who need it get the information at the right time. 

Then you will have a Finance Director who will provide the strategic leadership to the finance team and the rest of the business. 

Unfortunately, that’s often not how it happens in the ‘not corporate’ world. 

Partly because businesses often don’t have the resources or the need to recruit all of those people full time, and partly because finding high quality examples of these people outside of corporate is difficult… really difficult. 

How many times do you get pestered by government organisations because things have been submitted late or at the very last minute?

How about the number of times you’ve asked your Bookkeeper or Accountant for information on how the business is performing, yet been met with excuses and / or incorrect information?

There really is no excuse for it. You deserve better.

Our “Sleep At Night”, outsourced finance team service takes care of the bits under FD level (see our Outsourced FD service for more information on this). We take the whole finance function and run it, as it would be run in a big business, where things are not late, you get the information you need and the finance team is an invaluable Cornerstone to the success and smooth running of the business, not just another unnecessary expense.

With Cornerstone, you will get what you need, when you need it, and everything else just happens by magic, so you can sleep soundly at night knowing it’s all done.