why us

Why us

Every other person in the finance world in the universe at the minute will tell you that they’re “not like the others”, because they send you a set of Management Accounts each month and put you on a monthly fixed fee (both of which should just be standard), or they have pink hair and don’t wear a suit or something (again, just like everyone else these days). We know you don’t really care about that, and we’re not sheep.

Why do you spend hundreds, or even thousands, on a Mont Blanc or Chopard pen over £1 on a BIC biro? Because the former writes like no other pen. It’s of the highest quality and provides a unique experience to the user. 

Why do you buy a Lamborghini or a McLaren over a Mondeo? Because the former provides an outstanding driving experience and makes you feel like nothing else. 

Why do you buy a Rolex over a cheap Casio? You get the picture… 

For those who expect only the best, there is only one choice when it comes to choosing your finance team. 

We care about your success like it’s our own. We provide the best service, the best advice and we really know our onions! In short, you’re in the best hands with us. 

Our clients comes from all walks of life, but tend to find us when they’re experiencing one or more of these scenarios:

  • They’re trying to get information out of their current finance team / person but are met with excuses or push backs.
  • They don’t trust the information and advice they are being given. 
  • They’ve hit a rough patch and need help getting through it. 
  • They’re at the stage where they require some strategic financial help, but don’t yet need someone full time. 
  • They have ambitions for the business and themselves requiring investment, growth and change.

Due to the nature of how we work and the level of support we provide our clients, we can’t help everyone and won’t pretend we can. 

We will never be a business that has hundreds of clients at one time, we won’t outsource the work and we only recruit the best in house staff (buy cheap buy twice, as the saying goes). What that means is that our fabulous clients really do become part of our family. We get to know them on a personal basis, speak to and see them regularly and provide the best, one to one support and advice they could possibly have.

Therefore, in order for us to become the Cornerstone to your business, we have to fit with you and KNOW that we can provide you with massive value, otherwise how do we justify what we charge?! 

The majority of our clients are 6 and 7 figure business owners who tend to have similar personality traits:

  • Action takers
  • High expectations for themselves and those around them
  • Value quality and want the best
  • Straight to the point and appreciate straight talking
  • Open minded
  • Quick to respond and treat our requests for information as a priority
  • Understand the value of proper business information

Would you want to work with a faceless Strategic Financial Partner who has hundreds of clients who they never speak to and don’t know their business inside out? Probably not. That’s why we’d love to know more about you and your business, and it all starts with the discovery call.