Hey Kevin and Michael,

I trust you received your gifts.

Michael it’s not at all hard to find that you’re a Liverpool supporter, so the branded beer seemed like a no brainer. Also very excited that you are (or used to be) a fellow Lotus owner (although our initial research was flawed!), but we are saddened to hear you’re selling (or have sold) up. 

Kevin, you’re fairly horrendous to find anything out about, so you have been branded the “invisible man”.

Anyway, I will cut to the chase, as we’re not in the business of wasting anyone’s time here – we think we can provide value to you in the following ways:

  1. Increased efficiency and better systems: Inefficiency and ineffectiveness costs money, and there is always a leak somewhere that can be plugged, we’re VERY good at finding leaks. We are all about efficiency and effectiveness. I’ve even streamlined processes to the point of doing myself out of a job on multiple occasions during my time in corporate!
  2. Better cashflow: Cash is king. Too often business owners just take a look at their bank account, and if there is money in there, they’re doing well… until they’re not. We make sure the ‘not’ never comes.
  3. More money in your pockets: Your last accounts were looking pretty healthy (albeit a year out of date now), but they do suggest a loss (unless you took extra dividends). A loss means less money in the business account, and ergo, less money in your personal accounts in the long run. One of our wonderful clients put an extra £300k in their bank account in 6 months with our help. And do you know how much Corporation Tax they paid last year? None… because we’ve got the right partnerships in place for that too!
  4. More time: Time is money. Wasting time doing the wrong things in your business that won’t move you forward is wasting money, or it’s wasting time that could be better spend doing the things you actually want to do, like spend time with family, take more holidays or simply get some more balls in at the golf course. Everything we do is with the aim of giving you more money and more time, and we’re good at it!
  5. Better information: We can’t do the above without the right information at the right time. We take a forward thinking and proactive approach, rather than a reactive one, which means you won’t be finding out at the end of the year how much profit you made… last year. You won’t be finding out about issues when it’s too late to fix them and you won’t be running your business by the seat of your pants.

Any of that sound good? If so, let me give you a brief introduction to us.

Started by me (Annie) in 2018, Cornerstone is built with providing the highest level of service at the forefront of everything we do. I worked my way up through the finance teams of various businesses in various industries (including Ipsos Retail Performance, so I know the industry you operate in very well!), to Finance Director level, before realising that the small business finance team / accountancy world was, frankly, shocking, and small businesses were being let down every single day by incompetent and inexperienced ‘professionals’. We set out to change that, and we’re succeeding at it and changing the lives of our clients every single day for the better!

We work with a small selection of clients that we know we can provide massive value to, and you have been cherry picked as one of those businesses that we’d love to explore working with.

So, if you’d be up for a no-strings-attached conversation, we’d really love to hear from you – and we’re only down the road!

I met with Cornerstone early 2020 and didn’t think they would be of much value to me as the monthly cost would have been quite a bit more than I was paying at the time, but when Covid hit and I couldn’t get any info from the team I had, I decided to take the plunge and give them a shot. 

I should have moved over to these guys years ago.

They are incredibly efficient, forward thinking, preventative rather than reactive and just generally really lovely. 

I recommend them to literally anybody and everybody and would never go back to anywhere else now. 

Craig Cotton, CSC Electrical

In business, there are good times and bad. The Cornerstone team have successfully navigated us through both and become an indispensable extension of our team.

We took on Cornerstone during a period of strong growth.  I was looking for high level support and in depth analysis that I didn’t have time to address. Once signed, they started with some rigorous house-keeping, ensuring all data was correct and producing detailed management accounts.  We then went on to analyse turnover targets, true costs of sale and where we might reduce overheads. Annie saved us a fortune on bank fees.

Coronavirus hit in March 2020. The travel industry was blindsided. Cornerstone responded quickly, clarifying the cash position of the business and how long we’d be able to continue without sales. They set about helping identify where we could make cuts. Our overheads were reduced by 80% within a week, effectively doubling the length of time we could survive without any sales.

Along the way, Annie has assisted with questions relating to HR, bonus structures and other general support.  Cornerstone are attentive, flexible and highly effective. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.


Like all start-ups and small businesses, I had been doing my own bookkeeping… it was really quite useful in the early days as it kept me in close touch with the all-important finances of the business. However, as the business grew so did the financial administration, to the point where it became a burden. The time spent on this distracted me from coming up with new products that would develop the business and add to its value (the stuff I most enjoyed). At this point, a chance meeting brought me into contact the Annie of Cornerstone. We started using them to do our books (particularly running the payroll and pension scheme) in October 2019. Since then Annie has helped us move to a new accounting package (including porting over 16 years’ of historic data)… pleased I wasn’t doing that myself!

I can thoroughly recommend Annie and her team if you want to get back to doing your day-job and having more fun at work, I’m now able to delegate the financial administration knowing that it will be done to my exacting standard (Annie will confirm I’m a fussy customer!).

Paul Bramley, Metrosol