Virtual Finance Team

Virtual Finance Team

A great business owner needs a great Finance Director helping them understand and use the data in their company, and a great Finance Director needs a great team behind them getting the data right in the first place.

We know that neither of those roles are easy to fill, and certainly if you haven’t got the resources or need for two or more members of staff.

You can get a bookkeeper, but you then still don’t have someone with the nouse to help you solve problems as they arise, or someone to bounce ideas off who has probably already seen or done it before, or can give you a different high level perspective. Business is lonely… really lonely, and until you’ve run and grown your own, you can’t understand. You shouldn’t be going through it alone. The support network is really important. However, it’s not enough to just have a “yes” man behind you who won’t tell you if you’re potentially going to do something silly – you need a strong head and someone who will look out for your best interests.

You can get a Finance Director, but then you still need an experienced and skilled bookkeeper making sure the data is correct and in the correct boxes. A Finance Director can’t do their job without an on-the-ball Bookkeeper, and if they say they can, they are probably not very good. 

With our full service, you get both areas covered, by extremely experienced, knowledgeable and skilled people, for around the price of a junior member of staff.

Over the course of our careers, and during our time as a business, we’ve worked with six, seven and eight figure business owners, helping them get their processes running the way they should be, provided them with vital information which has enabled them to change direction when needed and uncovered hundreds of thousands of pounds in revenue and profit (one client increased their bank balance by £300k in 8 months as a result of the information we were able to provide. Another one, who would have otherwise been destroyed by the Coronavirus, will survive on no income for 2 years because we were able to act and make decisions quickly when they needed it).